Soft Shirts Increases Average Order Value by 9x

Jun 2, 2022 9:27:07 AM

Credit Key Business Impact Since Launch

SoftShirts LogoFast-growing and organic cotton T-shirt wholesale manufacturer and distributor company– SoftShirts’ goal is to bring premium cotton shirts to the wholesale market. However, when customers ask for payment terms-managing cash flow and inventory can be near impossible to manage.

SoftShirts turned to Credit Key to manage their payment terms. By implementing Credit Key, SoftShirts was able to extend payment terms without waiting for payment, as well as mitigating risk associated with lending to a business customer.

Credit Key fully automated the process of approving, processing, and invoicing business customers, and SoftShirts’ Average Order Value increased by 900% percent over traditional credit card orders.

“Instead of payment terms hindering our cash flow and inventory by having revenues tied up in receivables, it became one of our main reasons for our growth. ”  

- Clayton Hunt, CEO, SoftShirts.

Credit Key ensures that each transaction is automatically financed, and provides payment to the supplier within 24 hours. The company envisions twice the growth from last year and are on course to increase sales by 175% and Credit Key takes pride in fueling this growth and facilitating ease of business.

More customers, higher average order value, increased revenue and unmatched customer satisfaction. SoftShirts unlocked it all with a Credit Key. So can you.


We’ve seen huge growth and we are on our way to meet our sales goal for the year and Credit Key has played a big role in our success,

- Clayton Hunt, CEO, SoftShirts


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Matthew Osborn

For the better half of a decade, Matthew has been submerged in the B2B Payments and Accounts Receivable as a Service space. As the Marketing Director of Credit Key, Matthew has an in-depth knowledge of sales and demand generation growth strategies.

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