Olam Specialty Coffee Grow Conversion Rates by 250%

Jun 2, 2022 10:19:23 AM

How Credit Key helped Olam Specialty Coffee
perk up conversion rates by 250%

Thoughtfully sourced and meticulously curated, Olam Specialty Coffee is committed to providing exceptional coffee and driving sustainable change. The coffee company is also dedicated to spreading its exceptional coffee through growth, expansion and new customer acquisition.

olam coffee

Olam turned to Credit Key to ease the burden of approving, processing and following up with in-house credit, and got an unexpected perk:

A triple-digit improvement in customer conversion rates.

By running digital ads that promoted Credit Key’s “buy now/pay later with in-cart approval” benefits, Olam Specialty Coffee attracted and converted new customers

The lift was significant. Ads with Credit Key messaging increased conversion rates by 250%.

More customers. Higher average order value. Increased revenue. Unmatched convenience. Olam Coffee unlocked it all with Credit Key. And so can you.






Increase in Conversion Rate


Deciding Factors for Choosing Credit Key

High conversion rates

Ability to grow customer base

Potential to increase revenue

Speed to launch

Credit Key made it easy to offer our customers instant credit, while attracting new customers. It was truly a win-win.

- Bryan Sorensen, eCommerce Marketing Director, Olam Specialty Coffee




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Matthew Osborn

For the better half of a decade, Matthew has been submerged in the B2B Payments and Accounts Receivable as a Service space. As the Marketing Director of Credit Key, Matthew has an in-depth knowledge of sales and demand generation growth strategies.

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