Postcardmania improves AOV, Conversion Rates, and Cost Per Conversion

Jun 2, 2022 1:27:35 PM

PostcardMania doubles average order value, boosts
conversion and lowers cost per conversion.

PostcardMania is a marketing company with 94,562 clients nationwide. With two decades of expertise, the company’s 200+ marketing experts help small businesses target ideal prospects with highly effective postcard marketing campaigns and matching digital ads.

logo-postcardmania-footer_slimPostcardMania turned to Credit Key to provide B2B clients with instant financing and got a newsworthy bonus of its own.

Credit Key’s host of benefits, including in-cart financing, easy terms and robust credit lines, more than doubled clients’ average order value from $2030 to $4150. This 104% lift in AOV wasn’t the only enhancement.

By including Credit Key messaging on its landing page, PostcardMania also boosted conversion rates by 7.3% and improved cost-per-conversion by 9.7%. It was the right message at the right time to the right customers. And a powerful
partnership built to delight, transform and grow.





Increase in AOV Increase in conversion rate Improvement in


Credit Key has been a great asset and my team is happy with the training and the early approvals. After a successful landing page test, we’ll also be including Credit Key messaging more often now that the conversion is proven to be higher.

- Chief Revenue Officer, PostcardMania




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