Revolutionizing Access to Flexible Payment Terms: The New Frontier of B2B Payments

Jun 4, 2024 6:00:00 AM

Providing net terms has always been a challenge for B2B merchants, especially for their customer segments that don't typically have a direct connection to a business principal, such as nonprofits, educational institutions, large enterprises, and government entities.

Even when merchants partner with a third party, many financial services providers cannot underwrite the loan without access to a business owner—leaving many customers without net terms. Recognizing this gap, we designed Enterprise Net Terms to streamline the application process for these organizations. Now, businesses can apply for net payment terms without needing a personal guarantor, removing a significant barrier and simplifying access to financial flexibility.


Why Net Terms are Imperative for All Businesses 


Merchants will often require that customers who aren’t eligible for Net Terms make a full payment at the time their order is delivered instead of on credit. This method, called Cash on Delivery (COD), causes the merchant to carry the costs and risk until a payment is made. From a customer perspective, this is also a less than ideal way to pay with typical delivery times being shorter than the standard Net 30, 60, 90 terms they prefer to pay on.

With Credit Key’s Enterprise Net Terms solution, customers who typically wouldn’t have been given access to net terms are now eligible to apply, expanding their purchasing power and allowing them to better manage their cash flow. Merchants are able to mitigate risk and no longer worry about collections, with Credit Key taking on the accounts receivables process. Enterprise Net Terms also allow merchants to meet the evolving demands of modern B2B buyers by providing a streamlined omnichannel experience tailored to various customer segments, which wins them customer loyalty in a market where wallet share is everything.


At the beginning of the season, when cash is obviously tight, [Credit Key] allowed me to make the purchases I needed and spread those payments out over a few months, rather than putting them on ex (13)

Credit Key now stands as the only solution in the market offering instant, flexible payment terms across all B2B sales channels and customer segments—from sole proprietors to enterprise brands. Samsung, an early adopter of Enterprise Net Terms, has already witnessed significant benefits. Their enterprise buyers have shown high adoption rates, resulting in increased order sizes and purchase frequency thanks to the ability to pay on terms.

Key features of Enterprise Net Terms include:

  • Simplified application process for enterprises, nonprofits, educational institutions, and government entities
  • No need for a personal guarantor, allowing broader access to net payment terms
  • Credit Key handles 100% of the risk and collections, freeing merchant partners to focus on their core business
  • Expedited payments to merchants within two business days, enhancing cash flow and operational efficiency

Enterprise Net Terms will not only drive revenue growth for merchant partners but also empower a wider range of borrowers to better manage their accounts payables and cash flow. Credit Key will continue to push the boundaries of B2B financing, ensuring that every business, regardless of size or type, can benefit from innovative and accessible financial solutions. To learn how Enterprise Net Terms could benefit your business, request a demo with our team.

Sarah Senne

As Director of Marketing, Sarah leads Credit Key’s marketing strategy focused on demand creation and generation via paid media, SEO, sales enablement, events, and more.

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