What we’re looking forward to at B2BNext in Chicago, September 24-26th

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Oct 11, 2019 12:00:00 AM

September is an exciting month here at Credit Key because in a couple of weeks we’ll be at the B2B Next conference! This is the top conference in the country devoted to helping B2B businesses understand, strategize, and execute digital transformation. And because we’re devoted to leading B2B businesses into the digital era with a next-gen instant credit solution, it’s the perfect place for us to meet companies that are looking for that digital edge that will deepen their customer relationships.

As is the case at many conferences like these, it’s hard to see everything, and you have to pick and choose which sessions are most worth your time. The lineup is full of excellent speakers and important topics, to be sure. Here are the top sessions we’re looking forward to.


The Innovator’s Dilemma—And Solution

Here at Credit Key, innovation is at the core of what we do. It’s something we not only work on internally to improve our product, but also with our customers. This session focuses on the research and work done by Professor Clayton Christensen and Ann Christensen, and will present “in-depth, real world examples” highlighting how B2B firms can be disruptive.


Accelerating the Digital Shift

One of the challenges that many of our customers face is the slow pace of adoption of digital technologies in their industry. The reasons for this are varied, and this session is for those who want to rapidly increase online penetration. Led by Kristina Howe, VP of E-Commerce at Deluxe Corporation, this session will cover the people, processes and technologies that can accelerate online growth.


Leaders Forum: Recruiting E-Commerce Talent & Selling E-Commerce to the C-Suite

You might think it’s odd that a tech company like us would be interested in questions about personnel, but it’s an issue that’s incredibly important. Why? Because no technology implementation is accomplished without having the right people in place. That is especially true at the top of an organization. This panel session will discuss some of the top strategies B2B businesses need to attract and retain top e-commerce talent.


Leaders Forum: What Online Buyers Want & Selling E-Commerce to the C-Suite

This two-part panel session features topics that are near and dear to our heart, because at Credit Key’s core we’re all about providing an experience that buyers want and will want to repeat. First up: “How to Meet–and Exceed–B2B Buyers’ Expectations,” discusses what B2B buyers are expecting from e-commerce websites (such as flexible payment options) and how to deliver beyond those expectations. The, the panel turns its attention to “Perfecting the Most Important Sales Pitch of All: To Your C-Suite,” because let’s face it: Change doesn’t happen in B2B organizations without the buy-in of the leadership team.


Turning Data into Dollars

Like many companies these days, B2B merchants are swimming in data, but they often don’t know how to use that information to make better business decisions. But all evidence points to the fact that the better companies harvest data, the better they can convert site visitors into buyers. Led by Jason Hein, Principal B2X Partners, this session will show you how to collect, manage, and get the most out of your data.


Technology Workshop: Evaluating Emerging Technologies and Choosing Wisely

In our experience, B2B merchants who have a good handle of what they need to meet (and exceed) customer needs by removing friction during the buying process, often make solid choices about technology. And few people know how to assess technology better than Forrester Research, and a huge part of e-commerce is, of course, the technology piece. That’s why this workshop with Ted Schadler, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, is a must-attend.

Are you going to B2BNext? If so, we’d love to connect! Just email us if you want to set up a meeting in advance.

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