What we’re looking forward to at B2B Online Miami

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Oct 11, 2019 12:00:00 AM

It’s conference time again, and next month Credit Key is heading for B2B Online Miami, a trade show where top manufacturers and distributors come together to learn the latest strategies for building winning online experiences. We’re excited to be a sponsor at this year’s conference, and the stellar speaker lineup looks promising for anyone who wants to master B2B e-commerce.

As with many conferences, there’s lots of good stuff to see (including meeting Credit Key leaders in person!). Here’s the content and speakers we’re most looking forward to hearing.


Day One

Fireside Chat with Ajay Kimble, CIO, Turtles and Hughes

Understanding The Lifecycle Of A Digital Transformation In Order To Allocate The Best Resources

For many B2B firms, implementing e-commerce is just one part in the overall process of digital transformation. Digital transformation is much more about culture change—how a firm identifies problems and develops digital-first solutions. What’s more, because digital is constantly changing, that also means that transformation isn’t a single project with definitive start and end dates. As such, developing or deploying new technologies require resources, and it’s important to understand how these resources are best deployed.


Fireside Chat with Alan Gaffney, Vice President Global Business & Digital Marketing, Parker Hannifin

The First Step For Omnichannel: Rethinking Organizational Structures To Support Omnichannel Initiatives

As part of digital transformation, B2B manufacturers and brands need to understand the omnichannel approach, perfected by their B2C counterparts. And the key to doing that is providing a seamless experience across channels. We love this concept, as that’s exactly what we believe Credit Key provides for B2B firms, and we’re interested in hearing Gaffney’s thoughts on the topic.


Panel Remix - Shifting Customer Behavior: Best Strategies To Increase Online Adoption  

Change is hard and may B2B industries are resistant to change. But what good is an e-commerce website if no one uses it? That’s the key question this panel discussion will address, both from a technology viewpoint as well as a behavioral viewpoint.


Day Two

Keynote Case Study Remix with Kara Hendrick, Manager of Global Digital Strategy, Velcro Companies

Using Customer Journey Mapping To Drive B2B Growth

When we started designing and building Credit Key, our goal was to build the best experience with the least friction possible. And as we’ve rolled out our product with new customers over the past year or so, we’ve seen firsthand how understanding the customer journey is a key step to ensuring our clients’ success.


Panel Discussion - Incorporating Personalization Into Your Digital Transformation Strategy To Meet Customer Expectations

Continuing on developing customer journeys to build and implement online experiences, this personalization panel can really hit home with some key examples of firms that have delivered superior online experiences through personalization. We’re all about using data to provide exceptionally easy instant credit approvals that can be personalized to our clients’ customers, and this panel looks right up our alley.


Day Three

Fireside Chat with Mike Conant, Director, Digital Strategy, Planning, and Architecture

Driving Traffic To Your Site And Removing Barriers To Complete The Sale

It’s great if you can drive traffic to your site, but if it’s not converting, who cares? At Credit Key, we love breaking down barriers that prevent customers from completing transactions, and we’re looking forward to hearing Conant’s take on strategies to provide a customer-drive online experience.

Are you going to B2B Online Miami? If so, we’d love to connect! Just email us if you want to set up a meeting in advance.

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