How to Make a Market Leader Even Greater

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Oct 11, 2019 12:00:00 AM

There are many things that market leading companies do that contribute to their position in the marketplace. It’s not only about selling the most widgets, or having the widest selection of products, or even offering the best prices. Those things certainly can contribute to a business winning large swaths of market share.

In truth, though, market leaders typically do one thing better than anyone else in their industry: They focus on and provide an exceptional customer experience.

In the world of B2B e-commerce, market leaders tend to pay close attention to a handful of crucial aspects of their business that ensure every customer is satisfied, which in turns brings them repeat business and secures their position. Let’s take a look at what one of our clients, Telstraight, does to establish and maintain their leadership position in the world of Cisco resellers.

Make the customer’s life easy

Possibly one of the fastest growing Cisco resellers in the world, Telstraight has an unparalleled selection of products. From routers to controllers to IP phones, and many, many more products from both Cisco and other manufacturers, an average buyer could get lost among all the choices.

Their website, however, is impeccably organized. Users can find what they need either by entering a specific product number, or they can navigate by either manufacturer (great for buyers who are loyal to specific brands) or by category (great for comparing prices).

Telstraight makes it incredibly simple to quickly find the right product. Ultimately, this brings buyers back to the site, knowing they don’t have to spend a lot of time hunting for what they need.

Make transparency a core value

Too often, companies will hide their terms and policies by providing a link in their website footer, usually in a very small font size. Telstraight does the opposite. They’ve made it an item on their main menu navigation. In one click from any page, buyers can see Telstraight’s guarantee terms, return terms and instructions, and refund policies. And for other questions, they offer a link to their FAQ in their main navigation as well, which includes important information like payment terms.

Being clear about their policies ensures buyers can easily find answers to their questions before reaching out to customer service, but it also provides a platform to build trust. When businesses hide information, or make it less easy to find at least, customers may feel slighted when they learn what these policies are after a purchase is made.

Make innovation key to success

What is a company that sells technology without innovation? Probably not a company buyers will want to do business with, and probably not a market leader.

Telstraight recently made a strong commitment to innovation by partnering with Credit Key [link to press release] to provide its customers with our innovative credit options. Through the partnership, Telstraight will offer I.T. equipment buyers the ability to apply for flexible credit right at the point of purchase.

“Offering Credit Key as an alternative financing option for our customers helps us to deliver on our promise of exceptional customer service,” says Jonathan Collins, CEO of Telstraight.

With Credit Key, Telstraight now offer real-time financing with more cost-effective terms than credit cards. Not only does this help Telstraight’s customers place orders with confidence without having to worry about financing, it makes the checkout process for large orders faster than it’s ever been. Credit Key’s proprietary software powers the real-time underwriting behind the scenes, scoring business customers based on a few key details. And as anyone who’s ever had to make a large B2B tech purchase knows, getting credit can be a nightmare.

Want to learn more about how offering more flexible online payment options can help you grow your business? Contact us for a demo of how Credit Key is working to fix trade credit, and how we can help you become a market leader in your industry.

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